Personal Body Massager - Portable Neck Head Scalp Massager USB, Battery Operated

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Product Features:


  • HANDHELD ELECTRIC MASSAGER WORKS WITH BATTERIES OR INCLUDED USB CABLE from the power of your computer, laptop or any USB outlet. You can now do your massage therapy while seated at your computer even while working at the office or at home and keep working while you relax with your handheld vibrating pulsating massager. The trigger point nodes relax and enhance sensual emotions, reduce stress, tight muscle knots and easy tension.

  • PORTABLE PERSONAL MASSAGER Works also as a battery-operated portable massager for your wellness and relaxation when not seated at a desk or near a computer. Uses 3 ""AAA"" size batteries (not included). To install batteries unscrew the top cover of the mini body massager like a top of a jar. Changes to a handheld vibrating massager that you can hold in your hand and use as a head massager, foot massager, scalp massager, shoulder massager or a full body massager.

  • PERSONAL VIBRATING MASSAGER with multiple SMOOTH NODES is ergonomically shaped to be held comfortably in your hand and fits well in the palm of your hand like a perfect personal massager. Be a massage therapist, and give yourself or someone else a relaxing massage. Massage your head, scalp, neck, shoulders, back, and other parts of your body. Vibration massager relaxes muscle tension and improves blood circulation so you relax and enjoy the sensations of a vibrating personal massage.

  • COMPACT SIZE COMFORTABLE TO HOLD IN HAND about 3.5"" H x 3.5"" W x 3.5"" D makes it perfect to hold in your hand or carry with you in your purse, pocketbook, bag, briefcase, and use at home, office, car, auto, RV, or when traveling. Keep one at home and one in your car or auto, so you can use your travel massager to relax while waiting in your car or when traveling. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • MASSAGES ALL PARTS OF YOUR BODY. Vibrating electric handheld body massager has specially designed 3 smooth curved nodes to glide smoothly across scalp, head, neck, shoulders, back, feet and other parts of your body. Use like a sports massager. Massage your head, scalp, shoulder, neck, hand, leg, waist, thigh, abdomen, lower body, and entire body, and relax any part of your body and enjoy the sensations of a vibrating massager. Feel relaxed and refreshed after a stimulating personal massage.

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